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Hi there and welcome to Life with Laly.
My name is Doris actually.

So why Lalyday.com?
Laly was my nickname when I was a kid. My brother couldn’t spell Doris so he just called me Laly…and my whole family started calling me like that.

So when Facebook was created and everyone was coming up with some cool nicknames for their accounts I thought I would use Laly. But it was too short. So I chose Day in tribute to Doris Day. That was like almost 10 years ago. That’s how my virtual name Laly Day was born. A lot of people actually call me like that.
So it was obvious to me that my website would be Lalyday.com.
But in the meantime I opened a new Facebook account with my civil name.

I am a capeverdean born and living in Luxembourg.
Love is my religion and travelling is my drug.
I am a vegetarian and on my way to vegan.
I am the creator of Curlydelux, a platform that represents the natural hair community in  Luxembourg.

I am actually an old soul lost in this cruel world. I try to live in this era but on my own in my bubble is where I feel the most comfy. I guess I can say that I am an introvert.

You will learn more going through my writings.

Love and Light


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