Happy New Year


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It’s 2017 folks.

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a whole week but I have been busy with work and life in general, plus the flu has me stuck in bed for the last three days.

Anyway how was your Holiday season?
Mine was super busy and exhausting. We have a heavy work load around this time of the year. Everyone is flying somewhere to be with the family for Christmas.
So I had to work my butt off every Christmas day and then go home to the family and be merry. It was kind of draining but I am super grateful to have a job and a wonderful family to go home to.
I hope you are as lucky as I am. And if not I hope that one day you will be!

What about New Years? Did you do any fancy stuff? I don’t really like to go out on NY anymore. Everything is super expensive and overcrowded. So this year I decided to just help out at the party my cousin, who is an event manager, was throwing. It was a good party with nice music and fancy people, and time went by pretty fast. But boy I was happy to get home and take a nice long shower and then jump into bed.
Honestly don’t you think that it is the best part in going out? The coming home part?! Yes it is!!

So I hope you all had a great end of 2016 and an even greater start in 2017. May your lives be full of love and laughter. And I hope that like me, you continue your journey to a better you.

Love and Light


NY's look
                               NY’s look

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