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I wanted to talk to you about juicing. Is anyone of you familiar with it? I love juicing. I think I could live only drinking freshly pressed juices.
I started juicing after watching Joe Cross’ Netflix movie “Fat, sick and nearly dead”. I was like “Wow this guy saved his own life by merely drinking fresh homemade juices”. Next thing I know I had a Centrifugal juice extractor standing in the kitchen.
If you care about your health I highly recommend you watching this movie. It can be a life changer!
I was myself going through some health issues that made me reconsider my eating habits and I’m very happy with all the changes I made.

Joe the Juicer
Joe the Juicer

My brothers were so kind to gift me with a cold press juicer for my birthday in December. I must say I love my new machine. Honestly I thought it would take ages to get me a juice out of it as it’s a “slow juicer” but it works just as fast as the centrifugal juice extractor I had before. You just have to cut your fruits and veggies into smaller pieces, that’s it.
So what’s the difference between a regular juicer, the most common juicer also called centrifugal juice extractor and a slow juicer, or cold press juicer?

1. Regular juicer

The regular juicer uses the centrifugal force to separate the juice from the flesh with a fast spinning blade and a filter, making a lot of noise. The problem is the spinning creates heat which kills part of the enzymes and vitamins from the fruits and veggies so it doesn’t retain that much of the nutrients.
It has a big container to collect the remnants of the fruits and veggies, which are a lot quiet honestly.
I like to have green juices with leafy greens such as kale or spinach. I noticed that a lot of it wasn’t correctly processed with this type of machine, sometimes I found whole leaves in the container which I wasn’t very pleased with.
You get a juice that separates into two layers, one almost like water, the other a bit more consistant at the top. You have to mix it for it to blend and then you can drink it.

Centrifugal juicer

2. Slow juicer

The slow juicer, as it indicates, has a slow rotating system that crushes and presses the fruits and veggies for maximum juice and nutrients extraction. The small amount of remnants come out directly on the side into a small recipient.
The juice is homogenous and doesn’t separate the pulp from the liquid. You get a maximum of fibers and nutrients from all kind of fruits and vegetables.
Apparently it works with nuts too, I would have to try that.


hurom-slow-juicer-gentle-squeeze-diagram-900-2Here’s an illustration I found online on how it works.




Personally I am very happy with my cold press juicer.
You get more nutrients, less leftovers, you can still hear yourself talking while juicing and it takes less space.
The only winning point for the centrifugal juicer is the price, but the quality of your juices will be so much better if you put a few coins more into it.

So cheers to our health.
Love and Light


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