Natural Hair and Beauty by Curlydelux

Who are we?

The Curlydelux founders are two natural hair enthusiasts living in Luxembourg.
Doris (me :p), I have a bachelor in Marketing, I have a thing for writing and I’m passionate about travelling (good thing I’m an Airline staff…cheaper airfares!!). I started the Nappy (Natural and Happy) adventure about 7 years ago.
I’ll tell you more about that in a next post (maybe…lol). Born and raised in Luxembourg.
And Isa, interior design student, super mom, hairdresser and event planner (Aysa Org). I don’t know how she finds the time but I can assure you that she indeed does all that. Isa came to Luxembourg in her teenage years from Madrid.
Being like sisters (we’re cousins) and sharing the same love for hair it appeared evident to us that we would associate in this adventure.

Meet Doris, but if you’re here you already know me :p
Meet Isa








The concept

As we walked in the streets of our beautiful little Luxembourg we noticed over the last years an increasing number of young (and less younger) women that would proudly wear their natural hair whether curly, kinky or coily.
This movement came about five years ago from the Usa and the UK.
Luxembourg is a place where natural hair products are really hard to come by and when you’re lucky to find something the price is usually crazy.
So we decided to create a Facebook page Curlydelux to gather all tips and infos from the Luxembourgish natural haired chicas. Where they get their products, prices, how it worked on their hair etc. And also to exchange or sell products that didn’t go well with their hair.

We also have an Instagram page (of course!!) @curlydelux which aims mostly at sharing pictures of our beautiful fellow Luxembourgish naturalistas. We were kind of tired of seing all these Natural Hair pages showing perfectly styled girls with the perfect make-up (Instagram life…). We wanted the real thing so we did it. The Natural Girl Next Door! That’s what we want to show on Ig.
Of course you can still find here the initial concept that is sharing tips and tricks about hair products.
We also share inspirations and beauty tips in general when fancied. Why treat only one subject when we can help each other on other matters?!

We empower each other

In September 2016 we organized an event, Natural Hair Affair, in collab with Sarah Events, who also is a passionate about natural hair.
We had the pleasure to receive the British influencer Frogirlginny, now Nia the Light, as well as a young Brazilian blogger residing in Luxembourg , Laina Santos, known as Penteadeiradanega.

Laina and Nia

The event was presented by natural hair experts Marka Kabelu Bedju. They share excellent recipes for home made hair products. Check them out!

Laina with the girls from Marka Kabelu Bedju

You can find them all on social medias by following the links on their names. Please give them a thumbs up and encourage their work and passion.

Love Yourself

To sum up, our main goal is to help other women like us to love themselves like the good God made us, by embracing their natural being even if we don’t fit in the mold of the “standard” European beauty. There’s no reason to practice cultural assimilation by straightening our hair and damaging what we have been given by mother nature.
We aim to gather women all ages and all races around the struggle of our non straight hair.

At Curlydelux we help each other and we love each other


N.B. : when talking about natural hair we talk about all non straight hair, whether you’re black, brown, white or yellow, you are welcome as well as moms of mixed kids and guys who have longer natural hair as long as it stays in the subject (no flirting, we want our women to feel safe in the group!)


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Hope you enjoyed!

Love and Light


Laly <3

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