What’s your religion? What are your beliefs?
Are you religious or spiritual?
What’s the difference between both?
Do we have to belong to a specific religion to believe in God?
What is God???
Do you struggle to fit into a mold of beliefs?
What about the people around you? Do they understand/support you?
If not do they at least respect your way of thinking?

So many questions and struggles when you are a believer…

One day…

We all know we are on this earth only for a certain time. We all have to die eventually…at least our physical body.
Yes we know, but we don’t really acknowledge it, we live like we were eternal.
I always believed in God but never really took time for Him.
When you face certain things in life I can tell that all you got left is your faith. Friends and family can be by your side but the only thing that will keep you going is your trust in God.

When you’re in a situation where you know you might leave this world sooner than later all you got left are your prayers.
You pray that God uses all the instruments He possesses in your favor.
But, like the new movie starring Will Smith, always make sure to notice the collateral beauty.
While I was in that situation I was afraid but I didn’t fail to see my blessings, matter of fact it was like I was seeing them for the first time.
My family, my friends caring for me…a roof over my head, having food to eat to regenerate my body and mind. The warming sun rays, the sounds of nature…I would take a book and go read by a river or a lake.
You just stop and pause to take in all the beauty of the world and every small thing surrounding you. You are thankful for what you have and simply enjoy it.
Every situation you go through in life is a process taking you to knowing yourself and appreciating everything you have.


When you mention God some people roll their eyes. The word God is for them that “guy” mentioned in the Bible, Allah in the Coran and Yahvé in the Torah… God is that guy for whom all these wars are being led in the world, but really that’s not God. Wars are led between man made religions. Religions were invented to legitimate wars. Today we condemn Muslims as terrorists, a thousand years ago Christians did the exact same thing with the crusades. But that’s not the subject…let’s get back to God.

To me God is simply the energies of the universe colliding together to create things, good or bad depending on the state of mind of the person asking for it. The universal energies are in all of us, we are the universe, We Are God.
Our feelings attract things in our lives. Creation starts with our thoughts. We have to think what we want into existence.
Because God is Love, Love is the power creating all things, I think every thought we have should be based on Love. Love of self first, not to be selfish but to have strong grounds. How are we supposed to care for others if we lack love of self?
We need to concentrate on ourselves first to find the God in us, that’s what meditation is for. While meditating we concentrate the energies of the universe in us, we clear our mind to find the God in us. It is there! Some people have reached the state of Nirvana, they have seen the truth of life.
God is within us whether we are believers or not (in the common sense, believing in a religion). The energies work the same.
Ever heard about the Law of attraction? Basically it says that like attracts like, even without knowing it your thoughts define what’s happening in your life. If you’re still dwelling on the past you will not come forward in your life. If you are concentrated on today or on the future, your past misadventures will have no hold on your life. Think positive, live positive, think negative, live negative, that’s how simple it is.
It also states that whatever is supposed to happen will eventually happen, no matter how much you try to get out of the way… For example, you are supposed to meet that certain person at that certain time of your life. That’s where quotes like “People are either a blessing or a lesson” make all their sense. We always learn something from every situation that is supposed to get us where we need to be.
If you want to know more about the Law of attraction I recommend you read the book “The Secret” By Rhonda Byrne. It can be life changing.
Another book I really appreciated is “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh. A friend of mine was so kind to leave it in my mail box. Wish I had more friends like him. (If you read this Thank you!!)
You can also research about chakras, which are the doors that allow the energies of the universe to flow into your body.

I used to be afraid of dying but recently I found myself thinking that it would be ok. Now I strongly believe that we are spiritual beings before anything else going from one physical life to another experiencing what each of these lives have to teach us so we can get closer to our divinity and eventually start to pass it on to the souls still on their way there.

I hope this article makes a bit of sense to you. I wasn’t sure whether I should write it or not because it’s not that easy to explain and some people are still very judgmental about this kind of things. But then again my life, my beliefs, my blog. I usually just block the negativity coming from this kind of people and ask God to be extra kind to them 🙂

Love and Light,



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