My Travels

Dear people,

I am excited to share with you my travels through this media. I know there are a lot of travel blogs and pages but I feel like I have to share my experiences with you. This world is too beautiful to keep such things to myself.

There are several reasons why I love to travel.
The most obvious is: I live in the most boring country in the world; Luxembourg. Capital: Luxembourg City. Population: approx. 600.000.
There isn’t much to do here. It’s a let’s go to work, make that good money, pay that ridiculously high rent and chill at home on weekends type of lifestyle. Stores and boutiques close at 6pm in the city center. Some malls (very tiny compared to anything I’ve seen elsewhere) outside the city center are open until 9pm on some days.
In summertime everyone goes to the same spots. You know everyone and always see the same faces. You better be in good terms with everyone.
But I must be honest, the social scene is changing here. A few people started organizing things and opening bars and spots to chill and hang out. But like I said, this country is so small, you will always be seeing the same people.
So I guess you can understand my need to escape from this place.

I’m a sucker for hot weather, I never have and never will invest money to go on a sky trip or go somewhere I know I will be freezing my butt off. I mean city trips within Europe are one thing but you’ll never see me in New York during winter time. My wardrobe isn’t even equipped for that.
When taking long trips I always go somewhere warm. Always!!
Luxembourg has 2, if we’re lucky 3 warm months a year. That’s really not enough. Sometimes I wonder why my parents chose a cold place to live. They could have gone to Florida or California or even just the south of France haha.

I love architecture and culture. I am always fascinated by all the History hiding behind the places I visit. Imagine all the Kings and Queens behind a wall, the natives praising their gods by that thousands of years old totem, the story behind that artist’s painting, the past political and cultural influences that made a city the way it is today…Places people have lived and loved.

So I’ll take you with me on my adventures.
Follow me.
Love and light.


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