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Hello dear readers.

So I had a few days off in October and decided to join my cousin who was celebrating her birthday in Tenerife. I’m a real sucker for sun and heat so I didn’t think twice.

Flight and accommodation

Luxair Luxembourg Airlines Fly in Good Company

I work for Luxair Services, which is the Handling Agent at Luxembourg Airport for all Airlines operating there. So this means I have discounts when flying. As Luxair Airlines has direct flights to Tenerife I was able to travel for really cheap. Yayyyy!!!

As for the accommodation I found a cute little studio in a very quiet residence with a view on the nice and clean pool on Airbnb. The owner’s name is Vahur if you ever want to go there. I paid 125€ for four days and the studio fits three guests. It was very clean and fully equipped. The only inconvenience was that they were doing big renovations in the building so at 9am you were automatically awakened by the noise. But that should be over by the time I am writing this.

So I flew to Tenerife South (the Island has two airports, Tenerife South and Tenerife North) and stayed in Los Cristianos. It’s very touristic but as it was October it wasn’t too crowded. I noticed a lot of Swedish and English tourists. Also most people who live there aren’t Spanish, they are mostly foreigners who moved there looking for work, some kind of Eldorado.

Food and drinks

The Los Cristianos area is very pleasant.
You have a lot of restaurants and bars right by the beaches. There are two beaches:
Playa de Los Cristianos, a small beach with clear water, where you find the restaurants nearby and a bakery that sells a magical carrot cake.
The best restaurant in my opinion is called Linares (Av. Los Players), it has good options for vegetarians, like the stuffed eggplant. If you are on veggies try it, you won’t be dissapointed. Otherwise the whole area is full of restaurants among small touristic boutiques.
The bakery where you can find that amazing carrot cake is called Cafe Aroma and is right by the beach (Av. San Francisco).
For breakfast I would highly recommend El Fruit Bar (Paseo Maria Amalia Frias). They have excellent freshly pressed juices and smoothies to die for. The fruits are displayed to the costumer’s view so you are sure of the product that is being served. Of course they also serve pastries and sandwiches. It is owned by a lovely young couple, very sympathetic.
Then you have Playa de las VistasIt’s bigger than Playa de Los Cristianos but very charming also. Here you can find a multitude of bars with a mesmerizing view over the beach and the ocean. The bars are quite crowded at night time. Cocktails are excellent!! My favorite was the Lucky7’s Bar and Burger JointThey have a Pina Colada to die for, delicious! Like the name of the establishment says they also serve burgers with delicious fries. They even have a vegan burger!!! Yayyyyy 🙂

The carrot cake
Cafe Aroma Carrot Cake and more
Delicious Breakfast
Delicious Breakfast
The Lucky 7's Bar and Burger Joint
Lucky 7’s Bar and Burger Joint






We were there only for four days so we didn’t get to do much. The first day I just chilled at the pool, getting a tan, while waiting for my cousins who were arriving from Madrid in the evening.
But there is a lot of stuff to do.
You can go snorkeling, they have a lot of parks like The Monkey Park,  The Jungle Park, The Siam Park, which is an Aqua Park.
We decided to go for a tour on a catamaran but we surely did regret it! Almost everyone got sick on the boat. The sea was so agitated no one really got to enjoy it. At some point I had to go sit in the cabin so I didn’t get to see the dolphins and the whales. If that’s what you intend to do, make sure it’s a day when the sea is calm.

Getting around

We stayed in the area where we had our accommodation so we walked a lot. The beach was only 10 minutes away.
The bus station was five minutes away and there is a bus that takes you to both airports on the Island approximately one per hour. It’s very convenient.
If staying in Los Cristianos and you intend to do some shopping you can catch a bus in front of the Tryp Hotel that takes you to a shopping mall. The malls are a bit far on the Costa Adeje. Hard Rock Cafe fans can find one in the Safari Shopping Mall.

I hope my post helps you to start planning your trip to Tenerife. Personally I would have loved to visit Santa Cruz up North but too little time. Maybe you should do it if you get the chance.
I really enjoyed Tenerife. The Island’s nature, with its rocky mountains, looks a lot like Santo Antao in Cape Verde where my parents come from so it felt almost like home.
In any case you stay in Los Cristianos remember  these addresses for food and drinks:
Restaurante Linares
El Fruit Bar
Lucky 7’s Bar and Burger Joint
Because Food is Live 😉

Thanks for reading.

Love and Light

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