I will be sharing with you some of my meal recipes.

I am currently a vegetarian, trying to go vegan.
I took that decision almost 3 years ago after reading a lot about the causes of cancer.
The cancer rates in my family are very high so I didn’t want to feed the chances of me getting that disease.
I stopped eating meat for health reasons but the more I documented myself about a meat-free lifestyle the more I was shocked and disgusted about the meat industry. The cruelty is unbearable and nobody talks about the fact that this mass production plays a huge role in global warming.

Anyways, I am not one of these persons who try to preach the benefits of a meat-free diet. I think it’s something everyone needs to figure out for themselves. I don’t patronize or point fingers at meat-eaters (but they do it to me!)
I’m just here to share my recipes, hoping it helps those of you who have the same ideas as me and maybe get a few carnivores to try some of them out.

Thanks for reading.
Love and Light.


Fruits and veggies
Fruits and veggies

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