One vegan day at a time (Cauliflower Rice)

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As you might know I am trying to go vegan. I have been a vegetarian for two and a half years now. It’s not easy when you are always on the go. There are more and more vegan options in the world for people like me who travel a lot and don’t always have time to prepare their meals to take to work. Luxembourg is getting there slowly…but it’s not always accessible to everyone (financially and geographically). My work spot is very bad at it so I have to take the time to prepare my meals. When I don’t I get frustrated and the only things I can eat there as a vegetarian are cheese sandwiches and pasta with meat free sauce (usually cheese or tomato). To be honest I often indulge in fish and seafood, mostly not to upset my mother, because she doesn’t get it, or when eating out with friends. So technically I’m a pescatarian I guess.
Anyways, today I had a fully vegan day and I’m proud of myself.
So I had an early shift, starting at 4 a.m. On those days I typically have only two meals as I go to sleep straight after I’m done with work and wake up the earliest at 5 p.m.


Today's breakfast
Today’s breakfast

My breakfast consisted in a bunch of fruits. I had 1 persimmon, 2 kiwis, 1 apple, 1 plum and 1 pear. I had a side of peanut butter (100% and organic from Alnatura) and Alpro Coconut yoghurt with a banana and blueberries. I ate it at 7.30 a.m. and left a bit to eat around 11 a.m. so I could make it through til I got off of work at 12 p.m.



On the days I have early shifts I mostly skip lunch because I’m too tired to do anything. Sometimes, specially in summertime, when I keep the kitchen full of fruits, I make myself a smoothie or a juice. But most of the time I Just go straight to bed, thanking the Universe that I made it home safe.

So today I made a super easy recipe: Cauliflower Rice with veggies

I’m a freestyler in the kitchen, doing with I happen to have in the fridge. What I found in there today was:
-Brown mushrooms
-Spring onions
-Red onions
For seasoning: ginger powder, cumin, pink himalayan salt, coriander, two garlic cloves and soy sauce.

Dinner: cauliflower rice
Dinner: cauliflower rice

I put the cauliflower in the food processor, one stalk after another to reduce it to a rice like consistency.
I then add it to the sautéed and seasoned mushrooms, zucchini and red onions. I only use olive or coconut oil in the kitchen.
The spinach was added at the end of the process. Right before serving I add the cut spring onions and coriander on top of it.
This is the way I cooked it today but you can do it with any vegetables of your choice. Free styling makes the best meals.
I served it with a side of baby kale salad with avocados and tomatoes seasoned with apple cider vinegar and olive oil. You can add some grains and/or nuts to it for the extra nutrients. Today I felt like sun-flower seeds.

After this delicious meal I have another 4 a.m. shift to face tomorrow so bye for now.

Don’t hesitate to comment for any questions/suggestions.
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